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43rd Essex Open Exhibition

23rd June – 18th August, 2001


June Chapman (Artist & Printmaker)

Dorian Kerr (Artist & Lecturer, Essex University)

Simon Tooth (Art Publisher)


Award Winners

Most Distinguished Work in The Exhibition

‘Three Faces of Christina’ by Peter Kelly

Most Exciting Piece in the Show

‘Dance of a Grieving Child II’ by Annelise Firth

Best Sculpture

‘Red Shift’ by G. Daniels & A. Gardiner

Best Watercolour

‘High Summer, Marconi Yacht Club’ by Alan Runagall

Best Landscape

‘Corner of a Cypriot Village’ by Nicholas Peglitsis

Best Portrait

‘Three Faces of Christina’ by Peter Kelly

Best Work Depicting a Local Landmark

‘Evening Star’ by Robin Pinnock



Cover Image: ‘Chimes’ by Hugh Winn