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53rd Essex Open Exhibition

9th July to 1st October 2011


Selected by

Andrew Hunt (Director of Focal Point Gallery)

Michaela Freeman (Editor of State Magazine and Idea 13 co-ordinator)

Karen Jones (Artist)


Award Winners

Best work in Exhibition – ‘Sunday Morning’ by Paul Alcock

Best Watercolour – ‘A Succulent Selection’ by Christine Brackin

Best Oil – ‘Corinne Wearing my Raincoat’ by Peter Kelly

Best Print or Drawing (Joint Winners) – ‘Red Teapot’ by Brian Parker (Print)

‘Sam’ by Stephen Parkinson (Best Drawing)

Best Photographic Work – ‘Duck and Panda Over Clacton’ by Ed Spacey

Best Landscape – ‘The Twins, Harwich’ by Tom Deakins

Best Portrait – ‘Roseanna’ by Shona Chew

Best Local Landmark – ‘Bait Digging’ by Dominic  Mylroie



the tail

Featured image

‘The Tail’ by Peter Knock