Terms and conditions

Entry fees

£7 one entry, £11 two entries, £15 three entries.

Please Note: Entry fees are non-refundable

Conditions of Entry – 58th Essex Open Exhibition 

The exhibition is open to any artist, amateur or professional, over the age of 16 and either resident or working as an artist in Essex (including those London boroughs formerly part of Essex)

Works submitted may be paintings, drawings, photography and sculpture of any medium, or ceramics. Watercolours and drawings must be glazed. All works must be of a size and weight that is manoeuvrable by two people and must fit standard doorways.

No artist may enter more than 3 works

All submissions should be made online.

Works submitted will be selected by our selector/s, whose decision, which will be final,  will be communicated to the artist.

Delivery of works

Works selected for exhibition will then be asked to be delivered to the gallery between Tuesday 6th November and Tuesday 13th November 2018 between the gallery opening hours of 10am – 5pm.

All delivered works must be clearly marked on the back (or on a label attached to 3-dimensional works) with the following:

  1. i) Name & address of artist
  2. ii) Title & medium of work as they are to appear on the label

iii) Price of work if for sale or approximate insurance value if marked NFS


Two dimensional works should be framed. However we will accept unframed canvases on stretchers.

Exhibited two dimensional works will be fixed to the wall with mirror plates or any existing fittings on the frame deemed suitable. Southend Museums will apply the mirror plates if these are required.


A commission of 30% (including VAT) of the sale price of any work sold will be retained by the gallery. Please consider this when pricing works.

Payment to artists following a sale will be made on full payment by the purchaser.


By submitting to the Essex Open, you grant Southend Museums rights to use images of your submission for marketing and promotion of the exhibition.

There will be a private viewing of the selected works on Thursday 29th November 2018 from 7pm .

Care of works

In dealing with the hundreds of works submitted, staff at the gallery do their utmost to ensure their safety. However, the gallery will accept no responsibility in respect of any damage to the work(s), however caused.

Works not collected within one month of the last day of the exhibition may be disposed of at the Curator’s discretion.

Works can be submitted to the site between 10 am on Monday 1st October and 5pm on Wednesday 31st 2018.

Prizes are to be awarded in the following categories

Best Work in Exhibition

Best Oil/Acrylic

The Shirley Robson Bowl for Best Watercolour

Best Print or Drawing

Best Photographic Work

for Best Three Dimensional / Mix Media Work